Tap into a $50 Billion market now and let Bidmatcher guide your steps to becoming a government supplier...

Bidmatcher is a Business to Government (B2G) bid monitoring tool that covers 95% of the public tender market and sends pre-qualified bids only, making it easy for you to take informed business decisions.

You want to:

  • Quickly access qualified opportunities (RFP / RFQ) for your company
  • Improve and automate your proposal writing process
  • Get support and a second opinion so you can write winning proposals
  • Increase our sales to all levels of government but you need help and method
  • Promote our products and services to public organisations

Learn how Keepoint can help you…

Why you should tap into the public tender market

Bidding on government tenders may seem difficult or even impossible for certain companies because the process demands time and expertise. But consider these facts:

  • $50 billion is spent every year by all levels of government in Canada (federal, provincial, municipal, education, health, and social services).
  • Every day, 350 to 400 new business opportunities, with a minimum value of $25,000 in goods and services, are made public. Businesses of any size or type may be concerned.
  • 30% of these contracts are awarded to businesses with less than 100 employees.

Boosting your success in the B2G market

Keepoint, an independent company working across Canada, can show you how public institutions are always looking for “new players.”  And how you can take advantage of these opportunities, every day—no matter what your experience.

Through our unique tools and expertise, Keepoint offers you a methodology tailor-made to your objectives, so you can significantly increase your success rate in winning these contracts. In fact, our approach allows clients to improve their chances of success to more than 50%.

Guiding you through a challenging process

Bidding on a Request for Proposal (RFP) demands a methodology, time, and knowledge of an unforgiving administrative mindset: one wrong word, a missing signature, or a submission that’s just one minute late, and you’re out. We’ll help you persevere!

Because Keepoint is “your B2G partner”, we help you evaluate the worthwhileness of each opportunity, and then guide your business through the process required for a successful outcome and new revenues.